Mark W.

Hi. Just bought this guitar. It is beautiful, set up very nicely, and has great tone. I have two questions I would like to have answered by someone from ESP.

1) My serial number is W17050889.  Based on something I saw online that means that this was built on May 17, 2020?  Is that correct?  Please confirm.

2) As I'm watching the videos online here it seems to me that my guitar is missing the coil splitting capability.  Not clear to me why that is.  Can someone explain?  I thought based on the videos that that was part of the product design.


Carl N.

Your instrument was produced in 2017, this would have been prior to the push/pull coil splitting functions being available on these instruments.

Oliver I.

I love this guitar, especially the sound when both switches are in the middle position- best clean sound ever! This guitar would look even more stunning if the fretboard would be ebony! Thanks so much ESP- this guitar is just amazing! 

Carl N.

glad you are enjoying it 

Brit D.

Model Number placement?Why do some guitars have the model number (EC-1000P in this case) on the fret board and others on the tuner head?

Carl N.

This was a specification change to remove the model designations from the 12th fret, older models will have them, newer ones will not.  hope this helps

Bernstein Cat

currently where they build this guitar?

Carl N.

Currently produced in Korea and Indonesia, hope this helps!


I was wondering what the overall weight of the guitar is. Thank you....

Carl N.

These are about 8.5lbs, though no two instruments will be the same so some can be heavier and some lighter