Theodore G.

Purchased a 2017 NT-7B Hipshot (brand new). What is the difference between the pickups on the 2017 versus the newer model?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Theodore, The new version has a standard humbucker shape with metal covers. I believe the version you have has soapbar pickups. That is the old difference but the pickup models are the same (same inside winding).

Jonathan M.

I’m sorry but I have to ask, why do you guys always do this? In order to get this guitar with Fishmans, I have to buy a sparkly purple one. You guys did this with the new EC-1000s as well. If you want one with the SD Custom/Jazz pups, you have to buy Purple or Green. Why aren’t the Fishmans in this model but they’re in the EXACT SAME model but with a different color? I absolutely love your guitars and have played ESP for 16 years now but it’s incredibly frustrating when pickup/hardware changes exist on identical models but with a different color. It should be the same options across multiple finishes.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jonathan, Thanks for your comments. I understand your frustration. We try to offer a variety of colors and pickup choices, however since these guitars are fully manufactured overseas before we receive them, we build them up according to each model's specifications. In other words its not possible currently to have the same guitar but with different pickups. We can only take this feedback from customers like you that point this out to us and  try our best to improve our offerings in the future.


Couldn’t agree more Jonathan

Cristian G.

Lefty version?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Cristian, sorry this is not available in LH at this time.


What kind of Fretwire is on this guitar? I'm really interested to get this one since the specs and the look are great!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Kyohollow, This model has 18% Nickel Steel fretwire in our standard Extra Jumbo size (1.4mm X 2.7mm).

James L.

Outside of a version of this with 3 humbuckers and a five-way, this is my dream guitar, man. only thing that sucks is the lack of other colors.

Todd B. ESP

Hi James,

Thanks for your comments. We will think about more colors.