This definitively will be my next ESP (although it seems that it´s increasingly difficult to get one here in Germany).

Darren T.

Id get you one, but Shipping to Germany is about 500.00 Plus


Yeah, this is way to expensive  ... Thanks anyway!

Niels R.

Amazing Guitar!!!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Niels, Thanks!!


I want to confirm the pickup is 57 66 EMG? Any dealer can ship to Bahrain?

Todd B. ESP

Hello Sameer,  Pickups are not as pictured. We will update the picture. Pickups are EMG 81-7H / 81-7H.

You can contact this dealer in Dubai:

Melody House Musical Instruments LLC 
M: +971-55-8625726
T: +971-4-2665244 Ext: 216
F: +971-4-2626682