Jason D.

I would totally buy one of these if it came with a Black Winter set instead of the Sentient/Pegasus set.


This is my first ESP guitar. The build quality is excellent! No disappointments here.

Sounds amazing distorted and clean. I love the tone and the feel of it. Just awesome.

The EverTune bridge was new to me but it was easy to setup and has been in tune ever since. 

This black beauty is a beast! 

Todd B. ESP

Hey JC, That's great to hear!

John S.

The spec above says Evertune F model.

The Evertune F model is for Fender strat style guitars according to the Evertune web site.

The Evertune G model on their web site says it if for Gibson.

Not that I matters if it is factory installed - it's got to fit right.



Todd B. ESP

Hi John S, Thanks for your comment. Evertune describes their bridges for the purpose of retrofitting a typical production guitar that was not built with Evertune bridge originally. Since we build and design our guitars specifically for the Evertune bridge on these models, we use the F model because it looks much cleaner. The G model would have exposed "Tailpiece Post" holes which are not necessary for us.


This guitar is absolutely amazing. From the tuning machines, to the perfectly plek’d fretboard, to the incredibly engineered, Evertune bridge system.

I took a chance with the Evertune system, and I must say I am anxiously awaiting to switch most of my guitars over. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, it doesn’t go out of tune. And beyond that, to be able to set the amount of forgiveness in each string individually is amazing, meaning if I want to allow for full note (+) bends I can get there, or if someone plays harder than normal (unwanted note bends in chords) I can adjust so that it stays totally in tune. It’s very easy to adjust.

The guitar plays perfectly and sounds great! I’m very happy with the entire setup, including the passive pickups.

great job ESP! Now make me a white E-II Eclipse!!

Todd B. ESP

Hey Sean, Thanks for your review. We're happy to hear how much you like your new Evertune equipped E-II model! And thanks for your suggestion. Keep an eye out for new product releases between now and the beginning of next year.