Silvio P.

Can you explain what the Push pull does in this case? splits both pickups in single coil mode or just one? Also, what do the 3 push/pull pots do for the Fade blue model? thanks!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Silvio, For the Eclipse Evertune model, the push pull is on the tone control. When you pull it into the up position it will split both the neck and bridge pickups at the same time. For the Eclipse in Blue Natural Fade, that model has the new EMG 57/66-TW (Twin) pickups which are made by EMG to be splittable. For those, each pickup requires a separate switch, so there is a volume for each pickup and on that volume control, when you pull into the up position it will split only that pickup. So you have individual volume controls as well as pickup splitting with those 2 volumes (First volume = bridge / 2nd volume = neck). NOTE: There are only 2 push pull pots on the Blue Natural Fade model. Hope this info helps.


Are the 24 fret EII Eclipse models coming back?

Todd B. ESP

Hi, It's possible they or some version of them will come back but not currently. All you see on our website is what we have available.

Mark B.

Is this available left-handed?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Mark, Sorry this model is not currently available in left handed.

Jason  M.

Cool guitar, can it be bought direct from ESP? And is it in stock?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jason, Thanks. Yes it can be bought direct from ESP but we fill our dealer backorders first, so depending on the stock situation you may want to try one of our dealers. It would be best to contact our sales department directly by phone.

Jason D.

I would totally buy one of these if it came with a Black Winter set instead of the Sentient/Pegasus set.