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Ben Burnley is the founder of the eponymously-named rock/alt-metal band Breaking Benjamin, and his LTD Signature Series guitar, the BB-600 Baritone, is the driving force for this frontman's musical creations. The BB-600B is one of the most versatile signature models ever made by ESP. It includes two distinct pickup types: a pair of high-quality magnetic pickups (with a set comprised of Seymour Duncan '59 and JB), as well as a Graph Tech Ghost-Loaded Resomax NV bridge and tailpiece that offers an integrated piezo pickup. The BB-600B also includes two output jacks, allowing you to route the signal from the standard magnetic pickups to one amplifier and the piezo pickup to another for incredible flexibility onstage or in studios. More than just sonically flexible, the BB-600B is an incredible instrument in other ways as well. A single-cutaway Eclipse body style with set-thru construction, the BB-600B is a baritone guitar at 27" scale, allowing for downtuning without sacrificing ideal string tension. Its mahogany body is topped with quilted maple in an amazing See Thru Black Sunburst Satin finish. It offers a thin U-shaped three-piece maple neck for a comfortable playing feel. The aesthetic of this guitar is complemented with custom red pickup covers, red fingerboard inlays with the Breaking Benjamin symbol, and a red LTD logo.


(U.S. Only)
Mahogany w/ Maple Cap
Quilted Maple
3Pc Maple
Fingerboard Radius
See Thru Black Sunburst Satin
Nut Width
Nut Type
Neck Contour
Thin U
24 XJ
Hardware Color
Black Nickel
Strap Button
Graph Tech Ghost Loaded Resomax NV Bridge & Tailpiece
Neck PU
Seymour Duncan '59
Bridge PU
Seymour Duncan JB
Passive P.U. w/ Active EQ
Electronics Layout
Vol(Mag)/3-Way Rotary Switch(Magnetic)/Vol(Piezo), 2 Output Jacks
Case Included
Prices and specifications subject to change.
  • Jason H.

    That sucks sorry to hear that. Ever since I got a look at this guitar I had to have it. It isn’t really due out until March but I had to have it. So I called Sam ash and the guy was cool. He called ESP and was able to put in an order for me. ESP is only getting 5 in right now. I was lucky enough to be included in the 5. Should be sometime next. Shipped from Seas. 

  • Slasher

    I can't even begin to tell you guys at ESP how very disappointed I am to hear that you're out of the BB600. And that you won't be getting anymore in until the end of March. I finally get the cash together to buy one and now I can't. That's just great. When will you be getting more in? And what do I need to do to ensure myself that I'll get one of them? Should I just place a pre-order with a dealer like Sweetwater? Or is there something you can do for me? And why in the world would you guys only get a handful of these in stock in the first place? This is a red hot guitar that you guys should have no problem at all selling.


    Please respond

    • Todd B. ESP

      Hi Slasher, thanks for your comments. We do run out of stock sometimes especially when models start selling more or quicker than expected. You can probably place a preorder with any of our dealers as you suggested, please check with them on that option. Or please feel free to check back with us around end of Feb / early March as we may get them in sooner than end of March.

  • Jason H.

    Can I tune the BB600 to CGCFAD? Without damaging the guitar. Thank you. 

    • Todd B. ESP

      Hi Jason, Yes your guitar can be tuned to CGCFAD. We would suggest using one gauge lighter strings such as 54-12 gauge or 52-11, but it's up to what you feel comfortable playing. You will need to adjust the truss rod when you change the strings and tuning so if you're not sure how to do this, we recommend taking it to an experienced repair person.

    • Slasher

      Drop C tuning? I don't see why you wouldn't be able to. Ben Burnley does it. And this is his Signature guitar... right?


  • Clatta32

    Awesome, thanks. So I can connect the guitar to two amps at the same time, and if I turn the piezo or magnetic knob down, it will turn the volume on the amp as it is associated with?

    • Todd B. ESP

      HI Clatta, The volume controls on the guitar will affect the output signal from your guitar only, not the amp. You would have to have separate switches or controls to adjust the levels of the amps independently.

    • Edward Masters

      not necessarily lol the knobs and pots just lower the volume output from the guitar, the amplification will still be set at the previous volume but yes each individual output volume will change due to the guitar. unless you have the guitar literally wired to the amplifier somehow

  • Slasher

    If I place an order for this guitar. When will it ship? And would it be possible to have it set up in Bb tuning instead of B down tuning?

    • Todd B. ESP

      Hi Slasher, If the guitar is in stock it should usually ship within 2-3 business days. If you are ordering from a dealer please ask them for an eta for delivery. For the tuning we set them up stock with B-B tuning only. You would have to alter the setup after receiving the guitar.