Yasser A.

I was wondering about the compatible pickups rings MH1001NT.. would you please advise? 

Carl N.

these are standard, everyday pickup rings, nothing special


Hi, what's the exact SKU or MPN number for this guitar? Looking at a few dealers in Australia, but can't tell whether what i'm looking at is this very model or an older one... The ones I keep seeing have "MH-1001" on the 12th fret, but this one here does not... 

Carl N.

They're the same models, we moved to remove the 12th fret model designations so some older produced instruments may still have these.

Hunter C.B

Are Ltd guitar body’s lighter or heavier then ESP?

Carl N.

They'll be about the same, though no two are the same so there will always be lighter and heavier instruments out there.

Ryan A.

Just ordered mine. Can't wait!

Carl N.

Hey Ryan, nice choice!  Hope you enjoy it!

Justin M.

I bought this guitar in July. Absolutely love it! It fits like glove and plays beautifully. My first ESP/LTD guitar, and definitely not my last.

Carl N.

Nice choice Justin, glad you are enjoying it and thank you for sharing your thoughts!