Ashton W.

Hello, is the picture accurate to the specs? Also has this guitar previously been made with rosewood/pau ferro because I own a guitar from LTD with the same macassar ebony fingerboard and it is much darker looking than these pictures

Todd B. ESP

Hello, Yes the picture listed is up to date. The color of wood can vary like most woods. Macassar ebony can have light colored stripes but sometimes it can be very dark. That is the nature of a lot of woods. If you purchased one from a few years ago it's possible that it could be rosewood but we didn't make these with pau ferro.


Except fretboard and Construction, what's the main difference betwen this guitar and my MH401QMNT please ?

Todd B. ESP

Hi John, The main differences are hardware and parts along with what you pointed out. The pickups in the MH-1001NT are metal covered EMG active pickups compared to your standard black plastic covered EMG pickups. The bridge on the MH-1001NT is a Tonepros locking compared to your standard tune-o-matic, and the tuners are locking tuners on the MH-1001NT. The headstock logo is also made of real pearl shell on the 1000 series. Hope that helps.

Justin M.

I will definitely buy this guitar within the next few months, but I have a quick question. What material is the fingerboard? It says it's Pau Ferro in the specfications, it says it's Macassar Ebony in the description, and it says it's Rosewood in the description at Musicians Friend.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Justin, thanks for pointing this out. This model is currently being built with macassar ebony fingerboard. We will update our photo and spec asap.

Jason C.


Todd B. ESP

Hey Jason, This model is in our current lineup, so it's not going anywhere now!

Alex F.

Just purchased this Guitar which arrived with me yesterday (Ordered from a UK store)

Had initially tried this out briefly before hand in a store for 15 minutes which was more than enough time to realise i wanted it.

I spent the entirety of yesterday on my day off playing it and getting a real feel for it and would like to state how incredibly well it plays and sounds as well as its build quality being very good another bonus was the neck through body.

From the start of opening the box, its was absolutely gleaming and beautiful believe it or not the pictures that are used to show the product online do not do it justice it looks as if it was crafted on an anvil in another dimension, its curves and edges are cut so well and it looks very crisp. 

Before buying the guitar or playing it i was initially worried about the back of the neck as it is Lacquered which people would usually associate with getting sticky or your hands not being able to slide up and down the neck smoothly, from the 15 minutes in store i spent with it i was easily convinced that this wasnt going to be an issue it was VERY smooth and sleek regardless and had no dramas with sliding up and down the fretboard. 

Comes with an EMG 81 as the bridge pickup and an EMG 85 in the neck, off the bat i am a metal guitarist and have it tuned in a quite low (Drop B) the bridge pickup was fierce and powerful exactly what you need for playing Metal, if youre a player who enjoys using chugging in your music or breakdowns etc this will punch them out big time and being an active pickup with high output it is great for clearing up any muddy tones that some other pickups can have when youre playing lower tunings, also if youre into your crazy technical riffage then this pickup really gives it some power that cuts through very well. The neck pickup was gorgeous for playing Solos and cleans, alot of people would argue that Active pickups arnt good for Cleans, the EMG 85 pickup in the neck destroys the argument it had alot of clarity and also had enough warmth to push the intricacy of the notes out - as a side note, throw a bit of reverb in there and you wont want to take the guitar off the clean channel.

The entirety of the guitar feels Strong and well put together, i would advise trying but if it were to fall out a 2 story window you feel like it probably wouldnt suffer. 

For the UK retail price i bought it at which was £855 this guitar feels like it is worth far more than this.


If you are thinking of purchasing this and are stuck on what to do, i will give the cliche response on this and say that you WONT be disappointed, there are countless of negative reviews online about varying different guitars online but this guitar i can say with confidence is flawless. 


Todd B. ESP

Hi Alex, Thank you so much for your excellent review. We are very happy to hear how much you like your new guitar and hope that you can enjoy it for years to come! Thanks for choosing ESP!

Remi V.

hi, im glad you like the guitar! i think im gone buy this one, but i have one question: dus the guitar stay in tune because im a very agressive player and my picking technique is not so 'clean'. just let me now what you think about te tunners of this guitar, if you want to?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Remi, You might want to try a guitar with the Evertune bridge. They are perfect for you if you have a heavy playing technique and will keep you in tune better than a traditional bridge. It is possible to keep this guitar in tune very well but there is almost no guitar that will stay in tune perfectly. This model does have locking tuners which helps.