Chris Myers

What had happened to your EX series Tombstone cases?


Todd B. ESP

Hi Chris, that model has been discontinued.

James Therkelsen

Hi, will this case fit the new eclipse 87 series. 

Carl N.

No, this case will be for standard Eclipse models within the specifications for the 87 Eclipse models we list the ST-TE case as the correct case

Derrick C.

Is there a Tombstone case that will fit the new Signature Series TA-204FRX ? If not you have made my black little heart sad.

Carl N.

Hey Derrick, we do have standard black cases for this bass but no tombstone cases for this model.

christopher m.

hi i would like to know if this case will fit LTD Signature Series TA-204 FRX 


Todd B. ESP

Hi christopher, No this case is made for our EC guitars , it will not fit a TA-204 FRX bass.

Nicolas R.

Hi, is this model really discontinued ? I'm trying to get one cause it will be perfect for my new LTD EC-1000 Deluxe Vintage Black but I can't find one :/ Sorry for my bad english.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Nicolas, The EC Tombstone case was not discontinued. It is available but it depends if your local dealer or distributor has ordered them from us. Please check with your local dealer or distributor about it. Here is a link to our distributor page: