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The official ESP hard shell form fit case. Fits all current right handed Viper series guitar models.

Leonardo B.

Not sure if my previous comment posted. I got this case, but it is too small for my Viper 301. The body is a bit too wide. Were they bigger in 2000-2001? I love your products and am looking for an official case for my guitar. Thanks! 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Leanoardo, Thanks for your question and sorry if we missed a previous posting that you made! The body did not change, although it is quite common for bodies to be slightly different due to the amount of wood working (sanding) and paint finishing (coating and sanding). This variation should not cause any problem with the case. When you do purchase a new case from us, it is important to note that we build our body molds very tight. This means that your guitar will not just drop into the cavity. I think the issue you are pointing out may be related to this tight body cavity in the case. What we suggest is putting the end of body in first (the "butt" end of the body), keep the neck and upper body raised while you seat the end of body. Once you get the end of the body into the cavity, slowly work in the upper body sections. They will be tight from side to side and end to end, however you should be able to work your guitar into the body cut out. We do this because the type of foam used for these cases generally contracts over time and we want the guitar  to be as secure as possible in the case. Please try this and let us know if it works. If you need further assistance, please contact our customer service team at .

Sam B.

Where can I find a viper case in NZ? And how much would it be. I have an MC200 and it’s been in a bass case for 14 years because I can’t fit it in a regular one!



Todd B. ESP

Hi Sam, please check with your local distributor. Here is a link to our distributor page:

Jake B.

Will this case accommodate the wider neck and slightly longer scale of the Viper 7 Blackmetal, or do I need the Viper XL case?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jake, The Viper Black Metal will fit in the same case. You don't need the XL version.