The official ESP hard shell form fit case. Fits all current V-Series guitar models, including the ESP Alexi Laiho and LTD Alexi series models, ESP Michael Paget V and LTD MP series models, the E-II JL-7, the LTD Hex-7, and LTD MS-1 guitar models.

Wolfgang K.

what are the outer dimensions on these?

Carl N.

Hey Wolfgang, you can reach out to our service department for this information.

jason p.

Hi will this case fit a Arrow black Metal guitar? thank you

Carl N.

Hey Jason, this would be the case.

Ben T.

Hi, just got my arrow 200 (amazing guitar by the way) would this case fit my arrow?


Carl N.

Hey Ben, yes this would be the case you need.

Kamil Z.

Will this case fit the ESP LTD Mille Petrozza MK-600? Thanks

Carl N.

Hey Kamil, the MK-600 uses a double arrow case, there is currently no listing for this case as the MK-600 is the only model that uses this case.

Rob W.

Will this case fit my V-50 guitar? Im not sure if my model is considered “current”. Thanks

Carl N.

Hey Rob, yes this will fit your V-50.

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