The official ESP hard shell form fit case. A longer version of the CSTFF, this fits the ESP Stef Carpenter TE-7B Baritone and LTD SCT-607B models.

Jace Druffel

which case is for the TE-417 is this one or the other ST-TE custom fit case

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jace, you can use the regular case CSTFF. The STXL case is "extra long" so it will fit baritone 7 string guitars like the Stef TE-7 Baritone.

Jake S.

Hello Laura, I was going to replace my order and noticed the price went up? I really don’t think that’s fair for me as the customer when I tried to purchase this case back in December. Is there anyway to get the original price back? I mean, 10$ isn’t a lot, but considering the case is already 150$, I really don’t think I’m asking too much. Thanks.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jake, please always contact someone at our office directly by phone so they can help you.