The official ESP deluxe gig bag. Fits all EX, AX, V, and RS shaped guitar models.

(U.S. Only)

it this fit an  v-300 guitar?


Todd B. ESP

Hi Tyson, Yes this bag will fit the V-300 and all our V shapes.

Jeff L.

Will this fit The left handed EX200 ?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Jeff, Yes it will fit this shape. This wedge bag fits all EX, V and similar shapes.

Dan H.

Why cant I order one of these anywhere...or arrow cases in general In Canada...might be it for esp

Todd B. ESP

Hi Dan, Have you tried contacting your distributor in Canada? They should be able to help you out. Here is a link to our distributor page:    (If you have already tried with no results please send me a private message with your email and I will have them contact you).

Yuhang Z.

Can Edwards Gus G signature fit in that bag?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Yuhang, Yes it should fit. The wedge bag should fit all V and EX shapes including the "random star" shape.

Dan H.

Blackmetal arrow?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Dan, if you're asking if it fits, the answer is yes. We also have a hardshell case for our V and Arrow shape that will work.

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