Josef V.

is the bag suitable for ESP E-II SV? Will fit?

Greetings from Czechia :-) :-)

Todd B. ESP

Hi Josef, Yes it will fit in that bag. Greetings from USA!


Will this fit the LTD V-50?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Richard, yes it will fit.

Matt C.

Hi i recently bought an ltd v407b, it didnt come with a case and i need to protect it, would this fit? 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Matt, Yes our wedge gig bag will fit this model. Or you can opt for our standard V/Alexi V form fit case.

Aaron  S.

Hey guys! I'm looking for something that will be soft, that will fit a Snakebyte. Will this guy do the job?



John J.

Yes, it will fit perfectly.  I have one for my ESP/LTD EX-360, and it fits great.  These are made well, too, and will hold up.

Todd B. ESP

Hey John J, thanks for posting that your EX-360 fits in this bag.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Aaron S, yes it will fit for the Snakebyte.

Brian E.

 Will this fit the Alexi 600?


i bet you could if you tried

Todd B. ESP

Hi Brian, Yes it will fit this model.

Brian E.

Thank you guys!

Todd B. ESP

Hey Brian, You're welcome!