Rubén O.

Ltd v600 static?

Carl N.

Fits all EX, AX, V, and RS shaped guitar models.

Glenn F.

Will this fit the new Phoenix guitars?

Carl N.

Hey Glenn, yes this will and we will have cases available for this instrument shape shortly.

Havaj H.

Will ESP LTD Arrow-401 fit in this?


Carl N.

Hey Havaj, yes this will fit the Arrow series instruments.

David  A.

Will the Max 200 Rpr fit in this 

Carl N.

Hey David, yes this gig bag will fit Max models.

Dan H.

I ordered this case 6 months ago why is it taking so long to receive it insanity

Carl N.

Hey Dan, I looked through our order history and did not see you placing this order through our site.  I would contact the dealer you purchased this from in order to find out why this has taken so long.  In the meantime, these are currently on hand so you could order one via our site if this is easier.