Junaid A.


Will ESP ever issue an M-II model with a bolt-on maple neck with black ebony f.b., stainless steel frets, offset inlays/no inlays, matching body color reverse headstock with locking tuners on a solid black color alder body with EMG-X pu and original Floyd Rose?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Junaid, Thanks for your suggestions. something like this certainly could be offered but sounds like you have some specific requests and this could be ordered through our custom shop or ESP USA to get something very similar. Currently we do not use stainless frets on standard production models, only custom shop and ESP USA.

Dariusz M.

Why all nice guitar comes with reverse headstock? Also did you guys consider using swamp ash ?

Steven  T.

Hi, I know that reverse headstock has an influence on tension; but a tiny difference

Todd B. ESP

Hi Dariusz, I see that you don't care for the reverse headstock look. It has been a popular combination over the years for ESP so it is something that we will always have in the line. Although, an M body with a right handed or Vintage head also looks nice and you can find those on some of our USA models and a few LTD models. We generally use alder or mahogany for M series. Sometimes we have used swamp ash but not normally.

Daichi  E.

Alguien me podría decir el precio de la guitarra ¿? 

Me interesa mucho adquirirla . 

Todd B. ESP

Hola Daichi, Si se encuentra dentro de los Estados Unidos, el precio aparece en la página de cada producto. Si vive fuera de los Estados Unidos, sería nuestra recomendación contactar con su distribuidor internacional o con el distribuidor más cerca de tí, para conocer los precios. Aquí hay más información sobre nuestros distribuidores: https://www.espguitars.com/locations?categories=intl-distributors


Todd B.ESP, what kind of ebony and alder wood..?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Umar, We use African ebony and American Alder.


Thanks Todd.

Todd B. ESP


David S.

Hello ESP, I would like to know how this neck is compared with an ESP V-II Standard?, thanks.

Todd B. ESP

Hi David, Both necks have the same neck profile which is our "Thin U".