Aj G.

By any chance can this guitar be ordered with a fixed bridge?

Carl N.

Hey Aj, E-II instruments are produced with the specifications we have listed on our site, we do not offer one-off deviations from these designs/specs though our custom shop can handle nearly any instrument you can dream up!

Ranger Jay

Really good guitar. I got one, and the only thing I would change are the pickups. 

I will probably drop in a set of 57/66 replacements for more nuance. The 81s are just too heavy. 

Superb workmanship. The ebony board is freaking amazing. I’m a happy camper for the most part. 

Carl N.

Hey Jay, glad you're enjoying it and thanks for your comment!

Raymond L.

How many semi-tones can the Floyd pull up?

Carl N.

Hey Raymond, generally Floyd Rose bridges can pull up about 5-7 semitones though this can differ depending on your string gauge, tuning, and setup.

john w.

Hello. Are the pick ups installed with the quick connect cables?

Todd B. ESP

Hi John, Yes all EMG's use quick connect cables now. Additionally, for E-II and ESP brands, you will find solderless connections inside the electronics cavity as well. SO if you wanted to swap an EMG pickup, it's as simple as pulling the old one out and connecting the new one to the quick connect cable.

Richard R.

Does this guitar have binding on the Neck? I can’t tell.

Todd B. ESP

Hi RIchard, Yes this model has black binding on the body, neck and headstock. It is a little difficult to see in the photos.