Kurian Thampy

How is this different from the "E-II M-II NECK THRU"?

Carl N.

Color, top, and fingerboard will be different.  Hope this helps!

Bruce B.

Greetings! I just ordered this guitar (my 3rd E-ii) and was wondering if that is black binding around the body or just paint? 

Thank you!

Carl N.

That would be binding.  Hope this helps!

Bruce B.

After receiving the first MII from Sweetwater, I sent it back... why? Since the “maple top” is only a VENEER, that should mean a highly figured veneer since they’re not gluing a quarter inch top. This one barely had a figure. Also, the black binding around the neck had all kinds of file marks. Not what I’m used to when purchasing a high end Japanese guitar. Playability?  Played like butter.. WOW!!! So Sweetwater took care of me and sent another...  a whole different story...  nice veneer, perfect craftsmanship, and plays like BUTTER!!! . Definitely a keeper!!! 

Francisco S.

I bought this guitar Jan 1st 2020. What else can be said? The harmonics are insane, the moment I started playing it I felt as if I had been playing this guitar all my life. It can play smoothly, it shreds, it can be wavy, it can be the heaviest sounding guitar... basically it can do any noise a guitar could possibly make. The details are on a whole different level, the pearl fret indicators go from deep black to bright green with a slight hue of red, the body is not painted, it truly is a see through dark layers of perfect layers of lacker and you can even see how the 3 piece neck goes all the way down to the body. The tuners didn't even bother moving the slightest when I traveled on a plane with it. 


If you see this guitar and wondering whether it's a good buy or not, just get it. I doubt you will get the chance to find a similar instrument that has so much passion and obsession.

The burnt maple top is so good it creates an illusion of being at least 3 inches deep, when played unplugged it is loud, bright and the floyd rose responds better than any other floyd rose I have used (leagues beyond the ltd m2 elite and jackson pro series floyd rose guitars). I can write an entire essay on why this instrument is perfect, but it's something you should try out for yourself.

Carl N.

Hey Francisco, glad you're enjoying it and thanks for sharing!

Francisco S.

Quick update: this thing adjusts almost by it's own. I have used several floyd rose guitars and every time I adjust them I feel like I adjusted them but this instrument feels like it knows how to be adjusted. Weird thing to write I know but bare with me... This guitar is so easy to restring and maintain (I live in a very dry area and my fret board was showing some dryness so I just used dunlop 65 kit and I destroyed the strings from playing it about 4-8 hours a day) setting the action and floyd rose on this guitar is weird, it's like the instrument knows were it wants to be, and the result of this is that you will be less likely to scratch the finish and all the annoying things from owning a floyd rose are gone. The locking tuners don't break the strings even if you abuse them, they will just unlock rather than breaking the strings. I have decided I want a crazy custom esp and in a few years I hope to have come to a conclusion on its design. 

This guitar can play any genre unlike the high end and limited edition ltd's, that single knob has too much tone variations, this thing has more to it and I still keep finding out new sounds that this instrument can produce. The floyd rose is not a regular floyd rose, it has 3 holes so you have even more string action options this Floyd rose is the top end that the company has to offer and it shows. 

Carl N.

Thanks for sharing Francisco!


I have had my M II for about 11 months now. Only change I have made is to install a emg 85 at the bridge. the 85 adds a bit more depth and midrange and is perfect in the bridge position. the guitar is awesome.  Build, finish and playability are top notch.

Carl N.

Thanks for sharing!


Hello, I bought this same guitar in April 2018 and I just wanted to make sure I am maintaining it properly as I've read a lot of contradicting information, especially as it relates to ebony fingerboards. So I figured I'd go to the source with a few questions:

1. Are there any specific recommended maintenance procedures for this guitar, and especially for the ebony fingerboard?


2. I know ESP has published videos on restringing a Floyd Rose-equipped guitar, and I've found videos explaining how to use locking tuners properly, but I can't seem to find one on a guitar equipped with both. Is there any chance ESP could publish a video on restringing a Floyd Rose-equipped guitar that also has Gotoh locking tuners such as this one?


3. This is a side question unrelated to maintenance, but when I was first looking for a new guitar, I was initially drawn to the LTD M-1001 Deluxe (it had basically been a dream guitar for me since around 2006 when it was the LTD M-1000 Deluxe). Was I right in thinking the E-II M-II is essentially a step up from that model in terms of hardware and production quality, or are they just different, unrelated products?


Thanks again for your time!

Carl N.

Hey Egitel, hope this information helps.

1. There are a lot of different ways to maintain an instrument.  At the very basic end, you can just regularly clean your guitar and ensure your hardware is tight and strings are fresh.  For ebony, you can use fingerboard oil to hydrate the fingerboard.  Be sure to check out your owner's manual for maintenance basics.

2. The practice is nearly the same as restringing a Floyd Rose with and without locking tuners.  I am sure you can just combine the process from each video you have seen in order to restring a Floyd Rose bridge with locking tuners.

3. Yes, E-II instruments can be seen as a step up from LTD instruments.  They are produced with tighter quality control and higher end components.


Hi, Carl, that does help, thank you! I had read a few posts from random people that seemed to indicate lemon oil was not safe to use with ebony, so I got a bit concerned. Glad to see that is not true. As for the locking tuners I thought that might be the case, so I'll go ahead and do that.


Thanks again!

Carl N.

Hey Egitel, it depends.  There is a great range of lemon oil based products and each use their own concentration of lemon oil within.  Pure lemon oil is a bit harsh for most fingerboards but the guitar formulated stuff should be fine as it is not concentrated lemon oil.  If properly applied you'll be fine, you're not soaking the fingerboard in this stuff, just applying a small amount.  Personally I prefer butcher's block oil, but to each their own.

Nicolas V.

I have been playing my ESP-MII for over 10 years, recording, gigging...Ebony Fretboard - always used the same lemon oil - Dunlop 65 - you are safe using that .

Brian R.

Hi, what's the fret material on this guitar? Nickel or stainless?

Carl N.

Hey Brian, these will currently be equipped with nickel/silver frets, hope this helps!