Chrétien C.

I bought this guitar one month ago and I sent it back because there was white marks on some edges, dust behind the gloss, lime marks on the fretboard and gloss split next to the head floyd's lock... I'received a second one and it has exactly the same issues. That's not that visible but for 2k euros, I expect perfect finition. I'm considering to send it back too and ask for a definitive refund and a goodbye to esp. Very desapointed.

Carl N.

Sorry you're having issues with this, if you have any questions you may reach out to our customer service team at or 

Chrétien C.

Hello Carl ! I wrote an email to the customer service who said to me to write there : 

info soud-service eu

Nearly two weeks after, no response at all...

It's sad because I love that guitar but as Thomann has a 30 days return policy, I sent it back again.

So yeah, I sent abck two models of that guitar....

Abdulla R.

Chrétien C. Yeah this is the problem with online purchases, i learned my lesson, i always get to see the guitar in physical and try it before buying. if that is not possible, ask for the actual photos for the guitar (not stock). it is a matter of luck to get a very clean and ready to play guitar stored in huge warehouses, always look for actual photos. Good luck.

Kevin F.

Love the guitar own one but can’t u guys consider making another finish option because now I’ve bought all the M-2s may I suggest a cobalt blue for cherry burst?

Carl N.

if you have any questions you may reach out to our customer service team at or 

Nick N.

I got a secondhand one of these in immaculate condition. The only thing I find frustrating is the fret markers.. they look great, but I get lost above the 12 the fret when shredding. Other than that, one beautiful guitar

Carl N.

thanks for sharing

Richard H.

What kind of finish does the neck have? it does not say in the spec's

Carl N.

this will be gloss like the rest of the instrument


I bought this guitar in cherry sunburst when they came out as LTD Elite, everything about it is amazing. Just one question, the bridge has always been an original Floyd Rose or does mine have a 1000 series and you just started putting original floyd since they became E-II? Just curious, either way the bridge on my guitar is incredibly easy to restring and even change tunings, amazing instrument overall 

Carl N.

This would have used a Floyd Rose Original bridge