$1,699.00 with case

One pickup. One knob. No limits. If you want the cleanest and fastest guitar that places nothing between your hands and your tone, the ESP E-II M-I has the neck-thru-body design and super fast maple neck that will inspire your finest moments of shred in whatever here you take on. Made in ESP’s Tokyo factory by our expert luthiers, the ESP E-II M-I is designed for serious players and professional recording/touring musicians who need excellent quality and reliability for studio and stage. It offers a string-thru-body design with a Gotoh TOM bridge, and includes a single EMG 81 active pickup.

3Pc Maple
Fingerboard Radius
Nut Width
Nut Type
Neck Contour
Thin U
24 XJ
Hardware Color
Strap Button
Schaller Straplock
Gotoh Locking
Gotoh TOM
Bridge PU
EMG 81
Electronics Layout
Elixir Nanoweb Light (.010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046)
Case Included
Prices and specifications subject to change.
Jason K.

Is there somewhere I can order a direct replacement truss rod cover specifically for this guitar? I don't have the original one and I've ordered two different replacement ones online that say they are meant for ESP/LTD guitars, but they're both a little too short so there's a gap between the bottom of the cover and the nut.

Carl N.

Currently we do not sell parts, might be easiest to have one made for your specific instrument as these can vary slightly from one instrument to the other.  A guitar tech in your area should be able to fashion one for you.

David S.

Please ESP, move the volume knob away from the pickup, this is the only reason I dont buy ESP super strats. My hand keeps banging the knob all the time, it is really annoying. And FYI, the only guitar brand I use is ESP, and I really need one of your super strats.

I keep dreaming with a mahogany body E-II, and volume knob away from pickup, it is not too much to ask!

Carl N.

Thanks for your insight David!

Andreas F.

i have to agree with David S....i own the M-Black Metal model and i had to remove the volume knob.

Richard B.

Absolutely no! In my opinion it is perfect where it is now!

Nathan M.

If you put a rubber o-ring under the knob, it can help by increasing the resistance it takes to turn the knob. I had to do this on a couple of my LTD guitars due to the location. On one hand, it's nice that you can easily adjust volume mid riff if you need to, but it does suck to keep hitting it by mistake. 

Carl N.

Nice tip Nathan!

Richard B.

Hello. In the back there is the external steel battery compartment or are the batteries under the black plastic to be unscrewed?

Carl N.

Hey Richard, these will have the ashtray style battery compartment on the back.

Richard B. some sites you see that there is, in others not ...

Carl N.

Hey Richard, you might be seeing a version with passive pickups.  EMGs require a battery, hence the battery compartment.  Passive pickups do not need a power source so no battery/compartment are needed.


My E-II M1 doesn't have a battery compartment for the 81 in the bridge.  I am assuming that with only the volume pot in the standard cavity size that it was easier to have the battery go there?  my M1 is from 2015, so this may have been different in earlier or later models. 

Carl N.

Hey Ap, some M-I instruments did not have the compartment on the back.  If you want to send some images of your E-II to our customer service department they should be able to assist you with determining the specifics about your instrument.  They can be reached at

Richard B.

I bought it and it's beautiful! sounds great and is a killer !! and has an ashtray type battery compartment.

Carl N.

Thanks for your insight Richard, hope you enjoy it!

Simone  F.


I've got two ESP yet, and i'm looking for the next one, but... What model of Gotoh TOM is mounting this guitar? 

Thanks in advance for the answer (...and also for the masterpiece you make!)


Todd B. ESP

HI Simone, we use the standard Gotoh TOM with the large mounting posts. GE-103B-T.


The M1 is what Jeff Ling of Parkway Drive used for years, but now both he and Luke Kilpatrick have 2 - pickup signature M-style models.  When/why did Jeff change to 2 pickups?  The M-version of the Black Metal line resembles the M1 a lot.  The M1 is super sleek looking, as well as simplistic.  Beautiful machine.  It's my 2nd favorite ESP/E-II design, just behind the VB Eclipse.  

The ESP Edwards Knight series is my favorite of the ESP Edwards line.  I have an E-KT-135 in Dark Cherry Sunburst, but now the next one I want is the E-KT-145.  It looks a lot like my Eclipse, but it's a double cut.  One of the sharpest looking axes I've ever seen.  Edwards makes an MR-line, but they're 7-8 string models.

The final goal is to have an ESP-Navigator.  Either an SG or Tele or Jaguar.  That is the can dream can't one?

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