$1,699.00 with case

Created at the ESP facility in Tokyo, Japan, the ESP E-II Series is our highest-quality factory-produced instrument collection. The ESP E-II Horizon-III is a bold variation on the classic ESP Horizon shape, with an extended and beveled upper horn and a shortened lower horn. Like other models in the ESP E-II Series, the Horizon-III is a guitar designed for high-level performing, for serious players who can't accept compromises in their instrument's ability to showcase their talent. It's available in two versions: the Horizon-III FR (with Floyd Rose Original bridge in See Thru Black finish) or the standard Horizon-III (in Reindeer Blue finish, with a Gotoh TOM bridge and string-thru-body design). Both models use neck-thru-body construction, providing terrific tone and sustain, and fast access to the highest frets. The E-II Horizon-III offers some of the best-sounding and responsive passive pickups available, with a Seymour Duncan Jazz (neck) and a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 (bridge) pickup. Includes a hard case.

(U.S. Only)
Flamed Maple
3Pc Maple
Fingerboard Radius
Nut Width
Nut Type
Neck Contour
Thin U
24 XJ
Hardware Color
Strap Button
Schaller Straplock
Gotoh Locking
Gotoh TOM
Neck PU
Seymour Duncan Jazz
Bridge PU
Seymour Duncan Custom 5
Electronics Layout
Vol/Tone/Toggle Switch
Elixir Nanoweb Light (.010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046)
Case Included
Prices and specifications subject to change.
António N.

Does the E-II line have stainless steel frets?

Todd B. ESP

Hi Antonio, No we do not use stainless steel frets for the E-II product line currently.

Rob S.

So, I own one of these Esp Horizon lll reindeer blue guitars and I have 2 quick questions...1. Why is my headstock logo different. I have an LTD headstock on it when every one I have seen other than mine does not. 2. Because I tune to A sharp would I have to have the intonation set up for this guitar considering I am assuming it’s standard setup. Reason being is that it’s just not staying in tune after a few plays. Just curious. I know the hefty price tag on this guitar so I was just wondering why the issues? Any help would be very greatly appreciated as I normally play Guitars with string locks so I left wondering. Thanks for reading! 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Rob, Thanks for reaching out to us. For the first question I'm afraid it's difficult to understand your question. We make 2 different brands. The E-II brand has an E-II logo and  is made in Japan. The LTD model has an LTD logo and is made in either Korea or Indonesia. If you have an LTD logo, then you own the LTD H-3-1000 model.

For question #2, we setup all our guitars in standard tuning, so you will need to adjust your intonation and your neck / truss rod if you will be changing tuning and string gauge. If you need further help please contact our customer service team at .

Anthony B.

When are these likely to be shipped out to the UK again? I placed and order with GAK back in Feb and they quoted a delivery of March from supplier information. It got to the end of March and still no sign of a shipment. Then I got told they weren't expecting a shipment until mid April. I've just been on the phone to them today and now they're saying they won't receive any until September. If someone has paid a deposit and the purchase order has gone through why are the shipping dates not adhered to considering these guitars aren't cheap? I was looking forward to owning my first ESP, but I have been put off by the constant push backs to my order, which is beyond GAKs control.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Anthony, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have notified the distributor of your issue and asked them to assist your dealer in order to get your guitar delivered sooner.

Alex P.

Good day. Tell me, what is the thickness and width of the neck of this guitar, as well as its weight. In the stores of my city, the ESP lineup is not at all, so it’s not possible for me to hold it in my hands.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Alex, the neck width is 42mm at nut, and 57mm at end of fingerboard. The thickness is 20mm at 1st fret and 22mm at 12th fret. This is our standard Thin U neck shape. For the weight it varies depending on the wood, but should be close to around 8 lbs.

Art Caveretta

My wife bought me this guitar last Christmas and it kicks ass I had the pickups switched out to a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker in the bridge position and a 59’bridge pickup in the neck.Awesome guitar,hands down the best I have ever owned.I do not mind that the ESP logo being on the 12th fret and the E-ll on the headstock.Doesn’t change the way it plays.Killer Axe! Impeccable craftsmanship.

Todd B. ESP

Hi Art, Thank you for your excellent review. We are so glad to hear how much you like your guitar. Thanks for choosing ESP!

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