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Created at the ESP facility in Tokyo, Japan, the ESP E-II Series is our highest-quality factory-produced instrument collection. The ESP E-II Horizon-III is a bold variation on the classic ESP Horizon shape, with an extended and beveled upper horn and a shortened lower horn. Like other models in the ESP E-II Series, the Horizon-III is a guitar designed for high-level performing, for serious players who can't accept compromises in their instrument's ability to showcase their talent. It's available in two versions: the Horizon-III FR (with Floyd Rose Original bridge in See Thru Black finish) or the standard Horizon-III (in Reindeer Blue finish, with a Gotoh TOM bridge and string-thru-body design). Both models use neck-thru-body construction, providing terrific tone and sustain, and fast access to the highest frets. The E-II Horizon-III offers some of the best-sounding and responsive passive pickups available, with a Seymour Duncan Jazz (neck) and a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 (bridge) pickup. Includes a hard case.

Construction Neck-Thru
Scale 25.5"
Body Alder
Neck 3Pc Maple
Fingerboard Ebony
Fingerboard Radius 305mm
Nut Width 42mm
Nut Type Bone
Neck Contour Thin U
Frets/Type 24 XJ
Hardware Color Black
Strap Button Schaller Straplock
Tuners Gotoh Locking
Bridge Gotoh TOM
Neck PU Seymour Duncan Jazz
Bridge PU Seymour Duncan Custom 5
Electronics Passive
Electronics Layout Vol/Tone/Toggle Switch
Strings Elixir Nanoweb Light (.010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046)
Case Included Y
E-II Horizon-III Demo by Jamie Hunt

E-II Horizon-III Demo by Jamie Hunt

UK-based ESP player Jamie Hunt walks you through the features of the ESP E-II Horizon-III, and then rocks out to show off the tonal variations of this high-performance guitar....
Tim S.

This is probably going to be my next guitar.  I just wish the purple one came with a floyd. While I'm wishing, I wish they had this model with the purple sparkle and red sparkle paint jobs.  I originally owmed a Queensryche neck thru with the logo, back in the day. It's what made me love ESP.  




Carl N.

If we could release all of our model shapes in every color, pickup configuration, and bridge style we would but unfortunately we can only offer so much at a time.  Hope you enjoy whatever it is you end up getting! 

Tim S.

Hi Carl N. 

I totally understand. You have to draw a line somewhere. Can't hurt to suggest though I figured.  

I love it that ESP is even listening and concerned enough to contact it's customer's and answer questions on here.  Way to go and get and keep customers ESP. Great Company. Great products. 

Jon H.

I've just got this guitar yesterday and I love it. Wow the workmanship and sound is amazing. Totally recommended

Carl N.

Thanks for sharing Jon!

Rob S.

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So, I own one of these Esp Horizon lll reindeer blue guitars and I have 2 quick questions...1. Why is my headstock logo different. I have an LTD headstock on it when every one I have seen other than mine does not. 2. Because I tune to A sharp would I have to have the intonation set up for this guitar considering I am assuming it’s standard setup. Reason being is that it’s just not staying in tune after a few plays. Just curious. I know the hefty price tag on this guitar so I was just wondering why the issues? Any help would be very greatly appreciated as I normally play Guitars with string locks so I left wondering. Thanks for reading! 

Reply Dislike (0)Todd B. ESP

Hi Rob, Thanks for reaching out to us. For the first question I'm afraid it's difficult to understand your question. We make 2 different brands. The E-II brand has an E-II logo and  is made in Japan. The LTD model has an LTD logo and is made in either Korea or Indonesia. If you have an LTD logo, then you own the LTD H-3-1000 model.

For question #2, we setup all our guitars in standard tuning, so you will need to adjust your intonation and your neck / truss rod if you will be changing tuning and string gauge. If you need further help please contact our customer service team at customerservice@espguitars.com .

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Just a follow up to my question from a fe months ago. I asked about why my headstock on the Esp elite horizon iii LTD markings on it instead of the Eiii logo and I got an answer. It was because the guitar was made in either in Korea or Indonesia which if you look at the pics I have included is clearly marked Japan. My wife mentioned to me that she paid the 1600 a few years back for this guitar and after researching it looks like the Ltd was only about 950-1000. Did she get burned by the place she bought it or is the marking wrong on the guitar? Just curious is all. Check out the pics should you be so inclined and thank you so much for all the help. 


Rob S.

Had an issue with the pics uploading. 

Carl N.

Hey Rob, the logo is different on this instrument as it was produced during a time when we were making LTD Elite instruments, this has since been changed to E-II.  Still a different instrument than LTDs with a build quality higher than that of LTD 1000 series instruments, $1,600 was retail for these while they were on the market.

Daniel H.

Does this guitar have a full flame maple cap or is it a plain maple cap with a flame veneer?

Carl N.

Hey Daniel, this will have a plain maple top with a flamed maple veneer over top that.  Hope this helps!


I would really like to see this guitar available with a floyd rose in the reindeer blue finish. I hope this is something you might consider for the future!

Carl N.

Hey Moje, thanks for your recommendation!!

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