Pedro R.

This one back in black, please.

Carl N.

thanks for the suggestion

Alex Lundin

They had this one in black over the last couple of years. You can probably still find one at an online dealer or Reverb.


I am looking at maybe getting one of these models.  I was wondering if anyone knew the body thickness at center and edges.  I haven't been able to find local store that carries one to play.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  I emailed customer service and they told me they didn't know the  Thanks.

Carl N.

should be about 50mm-40mm hope this helps

Yang H.

Please notice that Currently model change the pickup to (Neck) Seymour Duncan SENTIENT, (Bridge) Seymour Duncan PEGASUS

Carl N.

This is currently produced with Seymour Duncan Jazz and Custom 5 pickups, hope this helps.

Yang H.

???dude are you serious ???  why my friend's this model have black label Seymour Duncan Sentient and pegasus????? serial number with 193 end, also I checked on sweet water, one pic from review in 2019 also shown black label Sentient and Pegasus instead classic white label Seymour Duncan.

also why Japanese website said is  (Neck) Seymour Duncan SENTIENT, (Bridge) Seymour Duncan PEGASUS

official ESP website:

Sweetwater website

If my friend's guitar is fake model from authorised dealers, that's too shame btw

Carl N.

The newly released E-II models within this line do have Pegasus and Sentient pickups but this model's current specification is a Jazz and Custom 5 set, during production we occasionally do what is called a running change, make a change to a specification and when the model phases out we update the specs, I assume this is what you see with your friends guitar as the sweetwater link you provided shows a jazz and custom 5 set.   The Japanese link is similar in that it shows a custom 5/jazz set but notes a different set, we can mention this to them but we do not moderate their website.  Not sure why a guitar would be fake because it has a different set of pickups, if you need further information on your friend's instrument you can reach out to our customer service department at

Yang H.

Yep, the pic on Japanese website not match the Specification, btw have u take look at the customer review section on Sweetwater ? there's one pic and only pic also don't match the Spec which I think you need to check out. Anyway contact Japanese official to double confirm and make sure our customer not confused on these Specs. I will let my friend send email to customer service to verify.

As you said some model for EII have running change, like my EII MII Black Turquoise Burst hipshot, Before 2019 model is all glossy finish, but in 2019 which is current one I owned have matte neck finish, it might be because the new black nature fade model released in 2019 do same matte neck finish and to match the 2 product as same level, a running change happen.

For this EII Horizon FR, In my own opinion, it also has a running change, which is to match the Pickup same as the new released 2019 black natural burst model. That's why my friend guitar have different pickup not same as pic shown on our website.



Adam K

When are you guys going to get Andy LaRocque his own  Artist series seriously! He is a Grammy nominated Guitarist, Producer and  Songwriter for over 30 years now! He deserves it more than any other guitarist I can think of today. An Abigail, Them, Fatal Portrait  album cover something like that on an M series would be a Killer guitar like the Slayer and Metallica guitars.

Todd B. ESP

Hey Adam, Thanks for that suggestion. Could happen some day. Every year we are working on new things for the following year. Thanks again for your feedback.

Simon L.

Totally agree with you. Even Mike Wead plays ESP and he's also good. But plus 1 for Andy Laroque for sure.


Is this Andy LaRocque's guitar?

Carl N.

I believe he may have one of these.