Andrew L.

Where is the Snow White version? Has it been discontinued? It was so beautiful I wish I could have afforded one sooner. 

Todd B. ESP

Hi Andrew, yes it was discontinued this year, but you may be able to find dealers that still have it in stock.


один из моих лучших музыкальных инструментов. невероятно комфортно и звучит убийственно!

Betun Hernandez

La mejor compra que he hecho en mi vida ... espectacular guitarra en cada uno de sus detalles me siento muy satisfecho!!!

Todd B. ESP

Hi Betun, Thank you! Gracias!

Chris  C.

love it.

Todd B. ESP

Thank you Chris!


Played one of these at the Sweetwater Gearfest and it was incredible.   Even tried to plant a seed with the nice ESP gentleman that was there about the reverse teardrop headstock lol.  It was my first time ever touching an E-II.   Or anything above an LTD.  Incredible!

Todd B. ESP

Hi InVase, Thanks for your comments. Glad you got to try one of these out! Keep planting those seeds!