• Daniel M.

    Emg 60 and 81 from matte color to bright

    Hello, I have a new esp eclipse 2 vintage black and i have seen that the pickups texture is changing from matte to bright with the use. Is nornal?. I attach one image (better than 1000 words) Thanks, in advance guys!!!  ...MORE »
  • chen x.


  • Rob E.

    Is it real?!

    Hi all, first post here so be gentle with me! I'm really interested in getting myself an ESP Eclipse, I've found a 2009 CTM one which the seller tells me has a rosewood fretboard, and its in see through black, the only thing...MORE »
  • MikeWilly12

    How To Contact to 24*7 Live Quicken Support

    We are offering 24*7 Live Quicken Help Service desk for all the Quicken user in the United States & Canada.You can call us at 1-866-292-4631 for the instant support over the phone.Our support team is always available to all the users.

    ...MORE »
  • Shira W.

    Electric Guitar For Beginners

    Electric guitars have made their home within our universe. Presently there are even classical items composed for electric any guitar. This can be a new kind of game. Not only is the sound extreme by electronics but the sound itself is PRODUCED by electronics. Can just anybody learn how to make music on this twenty-first hundred years instrument?

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  • Adil


    Can anyone say this is real or copy ? TIA ...MORE »
  • Angelo H.

    Get Qualified Writing Help Fast and Easily

    Finding a qualified writing help with best reviews is not at all an easy job particularly for the students. May if they try tried to script an essay without any experience of any professional idea; they need to face the...MORE »
  • kopenaccu

    Accu Asus a32-k53 

    Terwijl de top-end gaming laptops zijn altijd crème de la crème, de begroting laptops hebben verlaten mensen willen voor meer. Een of andere manier-en de meeste merken zijn schuldig aan deze-de begroting gaming laptops hebben...MORE »
  • Najnin A.


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  • Rahul S.

    Background and Influence

    Dont care about anyone, just play what you want. Coz SSD believes

    "Being unique,is better than being perfect"

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