Men's volleyball gets stronger, wins despite Korean Air's benching of Lincoln

Lincoln's attack share was 20.73%, ranking second in the league despite being the lowest among foreigners.

Korean Air Lincoln

The professional volleyball V-League is a place where you can even aim for the championship if you select one smart foreign player.

In the past, Robert Randy Simon (formerly OK Savings Bank) proved this by leading the team to two consecutive wins, and Keita Noumori (KB Insurance) also dominated the V-League and guided KB Insurance, which has been at the bottom for 10,000 years, to the championship stage.

Korean Air, which is challenging its fourth consecutive win in the 2023-2024 season, is creating the opposite example.

Even though foreign player Lincoln Williams (registered name Lincoln) was not in good condition, Korean Air won 3-0 against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance on the 15th and maintained second place in the league (6 wins, 2 losses, 19 points) with 5 consecutive wins.

Recently, Korean Air has been using Lincoln as a ‘joker’.

Setter Han Seon-seon and Apogee Spiker Lim Dong-hyeok are selected as starters, and setter Yoo Kwang-woo and Apogee Spiker Lincoln are brought in in between depending on the situation.

Hanyong Jeong

Coach Tommy Tilikainen expressed satisfaction after the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance game, saying, "Last season, Yoo Kwang-woo and Lim Dong-hyuk were used together in a double change, but now it's Yoo Kwang-woo and Lincoln. It's working well."

Lincoln's attack share is 20.73%, the lowest among foreign players in the seven men's teams.

It is less than half of the 47.10% recorded by Yosvani Hernández (registered name Yosvani, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance), who has the highest market share in the league.

Even Lincoln's share of attack shows a large difference from the 37.39% of Thais Dullhost (registered name: Thais/Korea Electric Power Corporation), which ranks 6th in the league in attack share.

Unlike the foreign players on each team who occupied 1st to 6th place in attack share, with figures ranging from the low 30s to low 40s, Lincoln's portion in the team is so small that he participates in the attack only once out of five times.

Within Korean Air, outside heater Jeong Han-yong has the highest rating at 23.62%, followed by Lincoln, followed by Lim Dong-hyuk (18.72%) and Kwak Seung-seok (13.07%).

This is a glimpse into Korean Air’s strong power.

Currently, Korean Air's main gun Jeong Ji-seok has not played in a single game since the opening game due to a back injury.

Jeong Ji-seok doing a scoring ceremony

Despite the departure of national team striker Jeong Ji-seok, the gap was minimized thanks to the growth of Jeong Han-yong, and they even succeeded in reducing dependence on Lincoln.

Unlike other teams that are helplessly dragged down when foreign main guns are blocked, Korean Air does not waver thanks to the diverse ball distribution of Han, an experienced setter.

Player Han explained, "We are not a team that relies on foreign players. Lim Dong-hyuk plays a role (like a foreign player)," and "Lincoln is one of our team's lights (aposite spikers) rather than our foreign player." did.

Coach Tilkainen is a leader who values ​​training efficiency.

Entering its third season in the V-League, Korean Air is gradually getting closer to the perfect image he envisions.

Regarding the low percentage of foreign strikers, Coach Tilkainen said, "It is difficult to say definitively because each team's situation is different," but added, "Our style is to have a low percentage of foreign players. This means that there are many players who can score on other courses." . 19가이드03