Guide: How to Defeat JalTok-Jad in OSRS Jad Challenge?

JalTok-Jad is the monster that may be fought in OSRS Jad Challenge. This is our guide to assist you to fight against the Jads in the TzHaar Ket Rak Challenge.

The TzHaar Ket Rak Challenge, also called OSRS Jad Challenge, is a brand new solo combat minigame published in March 2021. This minigame could be retrieved in the interior region of Mor Ul Rek OSRS, situated within the Karamja volcano. Conclusion of the Fight Caves is needed to access this part of Mor Ul Rek.

JalTok-Jad OSRS fighting plans

JalTok-Jad is a stronger version of TzTok-Jad. As soon as you have accepted the challenge, you have to face an increasing number of JalTok-Jads per obstacle. For the very first challenge, there's just one Jad, and finally, there are six Jads to battle simultaneously. Challenges 1-2 are available for everyone and challenges 3-6 will need the completion of the Inferno.

JalTok-Jad OSRS similarly strikes in all 3 forms of battle: Melee, Magic, and Ranged. When fighting against the JalTok-Jad, you want to use the right protection prayers prior to the attack hits.

Completing the challenge will be rewarded with the ability to modify the Jad pet OSRS into JalRek-Jad.

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