ENDLAGER only Melodies is on bandcamp

Dear ESP Compadres


my  new ENDLAGER Album is out as part of only melodies is only the  ESP LTD EC 1000 and the others are one with  Solar Green and  the rest  only Solar. 


Sounds as classical music inspired and the one with both guitars the most  heavy as meaner scales and some  additional crossing lines as one takes one scale and the other one the by theory sometimes not matching or well sounding  scale. At least I have been told and simply jam as  all one takes as one run only. 

The past weekend some songs have been composed as Arnie cursed as some else from Hollywood  told not that bad at all. 

Guterres classed it as non Swiss music and simply as super neo nazi and   never  any kind of music at all. 

Well I  am in  a  middle more left  political party member in the EU.. .  So New Greend Deal the main issue.


If You are more interested check my own Reverbnation site or my music projects. 


As Swiss elites told and wrote I was never able to speak or write in English at UNHCR internship and what all so then doing giving it heading in French or Clinton Bill and Hillary and Obama  with high heels talks or what Lady Mantins as Chelsea roofs on Youtube talks have been all  good for.