Gravitation 1st Album Kepler out and soon only melody Album by ENDLAGER

Dear ESP Compadres 


I have just finished my 1st GRAVITATION Album entitled 'Kepler'. If You like to listen to :


Above the new ENDLAGER Album with only guitars on it. Say ESP EC 1000 as You get from the blue and with my Solar Green 1.6. There is one song with both guitars. Else only  abit of shredding with such  chug or so.. .  I heard rumours as these Swiss played also my ENDLAGER older  songs  - - and their stadium boxes had some knaggs  or had some new ones to buy.


So  while I just have made my 8th ENDLAGER this Olympia time over this new one ENDLAGER Album comes out. Well Corona and I am anyway living from disabled persons funds and am never a musician or in  German Kulturschaffender due Obamas Clinton Bunch and all Swiss bankers and Guterres himself labbelled me  as never music. Only Finnish scum he has told since 20 years or even more.  Well his problem. 


I don't have to care and some more laws in world  are violated anyway. 


So I have played with my Overloud TH-U various additionals packs and own  stuff and simply have  partly reamped or had this very cool AMT Preamp before  the plug in. F-Clean Bricks.. . 


So sounds as various times quite fast and still  quite classical  music influenced. Some tell such  stories I had managed to mix various non matching scales.. ., Say my former class and band mates which  became also Sinfonietta employees  or had Jazz school  lectures at mr Feigenwinter the one main man in such music schooling.  . Say Basel Sinfonietta  to blame them. For my Swiss state officials  never any kind of music as for all Swiss politcial parties and many many people here. As due my non Swiss genome or blood. 
Well  not  my problem. It is theirs . 


 Godspeed Farewelll.