How She Become Ali King "Musicfashioniista"


Pop culture historians and students of the music game are well aware of the storied legacy of Rock & Roll hall of famers who lived on the dark side of the moon. Ali King was born in the 90's, on a full moon and her father was a huge fan of Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Grateful Dead and Aerosmith. As a result of her dad constantly playing the music of rock and roll legends, Ali developed a great appreciation for legendary music artists from an earlier era.

Like every other kid born in the 90's Ali also loved dancing to Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and Nsync. As for Ali's mother, she was a huge fan of a song called "Piano in the Dark" and it was in this darkness that a vision of her love was born. Ali's mom had an epiphany that would change everything. Ali's mom (whom she refers to as "Mamanista") hired an adorable piano instructor. The instructors name was "Adorable" which is ironic considering many people teased him as a child and felt he was a hideous specimen.

As a teenager he refused to succumb to the ridicule heaped upon his name by wicked naysayers so he legally changed his name to Adorable. After recognizing he would never be a scientific or mathematical scholar, Adorable decided to pursue a career in the arts. He threw his entire soul into learning music and rumor has it Adorable can play 25 instruments. Inspired by his story of redemption and reinvention Mamanista hired Adorable to teach Ali music theory and classical song structure. Ali and Adorable had big fun until one day he inexplicably started crying. 

Initially Ali thought she played piano so horribly that it made her instructor cry. Bewildered and distraught by these developments, Ali started to weep. Adorable immediately stopped crying and asked Ali why she had suddenly released so many tears? When Ali expressed her fears that led to tears she and the instructor simultaneously erupted into hysterical laughter. Adorable told Ali that he admired her fearlessness and was crying because he had a terrible secret.

Adorable never wanted to be a Jazz Pianist but it was the only type of artistic work he could get. To keep food on the table he chose to be a jazz pianist but secretly yearned to be a Beastie Boy and tour the world. As they became closer, Ali told Adorable how she secretly resented playing piano in the dark. Ali says "the day I decided to share my love for pop music and fashion with my adorable instructor was the day my life changed. Adorable smiled at me ever so gently and told me to have no fear because fear is just an acronym: False Evidence Appearing Real".

Adorable kissed her forehead and told her to pursue her destiny as a Music Fashionista. Ali says "sadly I never saw my adorable piano instructor after he kissed me but because of his wisdom and unconditional love I became the Music Fashionista and to him I am forever thankful."

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