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I want to tell you my story about how i fell in love wit guitar.My hobby for guitar began when I became very interested in rock. Groups such as Aerosmith and Scorpions. At that time, I decided so that it would not become a master of the guitar. The guitar was given to me with difficulty. At first, I could not get my fingers into the most elementary chords. My teacher then admitted to me that he did not believe that I would ever play. Then I mastered the chords, and began to try to play and sing. I couldn’t sing either. But now i can sing and play no that bad really. I work now as a writer for resume writing service and i'ts really interesting thing. Writing for me it's also an kind of art where i can express myself and i really happy to help people with writing too. 

But sometimes i still need my guitar to feel freedom to sing my song. Oh, it's such a great pleasure to have opportunity to sing and play. Now I have a goal to collect a small collection of different guitars. It's my small dream.

Here i want to share some tips that i hope will be useful for you.

The first way: learn to play printed tutorials
The advantages of this method.

It's free. If you go broke on a guitar and you no longer have money, this option is the most suitable. Sit at home, leaf through page after page, study the guitar, notes, frets and more ...
Nobody rushes you and nobody asks anything from you. You are your own boss - when you want to do it, when you want to relax.
Cons of this method.

Learning to play the tutorials can take a very long time. This is boring and therefore you need to have great patience in order to learn the guitar step by step.
If you have trouble with self-discipline, then it’s best not to try to learn the guitar using the tutorials. You understand that such training can last forever ...
The second way: video tutorials and video shows on the Internet
The advantages of this method.

As well as in the first case - for free. The only thing you pay for is Internet access.
A lot of materials for learning to play the guitar - you choose only what you like, which is more to your liking. All that you do not like is simply ignored. But here one should be careful not to throw away pearls together with the husk.
Cons of this method.

You can be distracted by a large number of interesting videos, both related to playing the guitar directly or indirectly, and generally not having any relation to playing the guitar. Therefore, there is a chance that starting to learn how to play the guitar through video, you will slowly swim in the wrong direction.
Another disadvantage of training on video on the Internet is the fragmentation of information. You can randomly rush from one video lesson to another. Most likely, you will not have a clear training sequence, and there will be large gaps in your guitar playing skills.

The third way: private tutor
The advantages of this method.

  • Individual approach.
  • Convenient for you schedule.
  • Relatively fast results.
  • Responsibility to the teacher.
  • Cons of this method.
  • Usually quite expensive.
  • You can not agree on the characters.

Fourth Way: Paid Guitar Video Courses
The advantages of this method.

As a rule, the reasonableness of the course - i.e. The course includes the most necessary information.
The sequence of skills acquisition, i.e. from simple to complex.
Visibility - you repeat after the teacher what he shows on the screen.
Low cost compared to a private tutor. Sometimes it’s ten times cheaper and many times better.
Convenience - inserted a disc at any convenient time, learned a lesson, put it into practice.
Lessons can be taken countless times.
Cons of this method.

Your laziness. Rather, laziness is a universal minus for all learning methods. The lazy dog ​​never learn to play the guitar.

Ryan A.

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