Authentic Guitar Acessories

What's up guys! I wanted to share with you guys what I have been working on during the last few months.

I am currently developing my own brand of guitar accessories which are all handmade by myself in Salinas, California.

There are so many ideas on my mind that take a while to be designed and created but little by little they're all becoming available to every single one of you guys that have a common interest in guitar accessories like I do. At the moment, I am working on anything from guitar picks, back plates, truss rod covers, etc... mostly cosmetic stuff for guitars. Part of the reason I decided to create my own parts is because guitars should look good. I just hate to see such great guitars with a nice paint job or graphic design with the same simple black covers for any cavities they may have. Certain guitars also do tend to have ugly looking cavities so covering it with something that looks better wouldn't hurt. With these accessories you will have the opportunity to further personalize your guitar and give it it's own unique sense of character besides your typical wear & tear. Nice guitars deserve nice things so let me present to you some of the current items that I have available at my shop and I will also include my social media pages so you guys can check in with me and see what new items I am currently working on. I post on a regular basis & I'm always working on designing something new.


Handmade by David M. for ESP guitars.

Handmade by David M.

Handmade by David M. for ESP guitars.

Handmade by David M.

Handmade by David M.


Let me know what you guys think! I'd love to hear some feedback on my work.

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Before I finish this post I'd like to encourage you guys to mention anybody else that creates their own work of art. Let this be a place for anybody else to share any ideas or creations of their own with the rest of the community. We are all here to engage with each other as we live & grow through our common interests in music, guitars or whatever it may be. That being said, let's support each other as we share & learn within the ESP Community.

I'd like to thank you all for reading this post & I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoy making them. Have a blessed day! 

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