Background and Influence


Hi I am Rahul from the band SSD.

The youngest metal band in INDIA.

And the band have four members including me and our ages are same (16). Yeah I started playing guitar when I was in class 7 means it was 2013. And after that formed the band . I faced financial problems when I begged my mom to buy me bass after that mom bought me a bass guitar. I wrote few lines on my guitar about my mom, that I believe that its a blessing from mom to me.We four practice a lot about 4-5hrs a day.And jam every 3 days in a week about 4hrs .Esp helped me a lot because The guitar is too smooth and classy raw looks and we are also being criticized for playing metal. But we don't care , we just play it. But nowadays people are accepting our music.Metallica played a mojor role in my life regarding music,style,etc etc.Another two main influences was my father was a mandolin player and my mother was a singer .that helped me a lot.

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