Les Paul custom pick ups


Dear mates on ESP community please enlighten me, because i have some questions to ask. I noticed something (at least to me) strange. I have amongst the other guitars an Epiphone black custom exactly like Kirk's but epiphone instead of gibson and one also more (slight) differnce, mine has emg 85 n / 81 b positions.When i have dirty sound on the amp and switch between the two positions i barely notive any difference insound/volume level. When i am on clean sound and for example i switch from bridge p.u. to neck there is a noticeable differnce in volume level as i have sort of "boosted" the neck pick up. One of the first (few) things that crossed my mind was that it has to do with the height of the pick ups, so i lowered quite enough the neck (emg 85) and again there is a differnce in volume in clean sound bu not sooo noticeable now. But as i saw from numerous Hammettt live pictures with his Custom Black "Beauty" gibson he does not have lowered any of his pick ups to be in height so uneven from one another and also i checked some pictures of the members pictures here in the communitywho have gibson black custom like Hammett and i see that they/you have not lowered any of the pick ups. Does your guitar(s) sound even in both position or you have the same issue but you find to be sth normal or is it only my problem in the view that i have emg 85 in the neck position and not 60 or 81 as mr. Hammett does? One big thank to all of you who will have the kindness to help me sort out my matter. Thanks!!!

Barry allen

The Les Paul Custom specs by the end of the 1980s: Smaller headstock. Mahogany neck. Mahogany body. Maple top. Ebony fingerboard. Gold hardware. 2 humbucking pickups. Nashville bridge.

Erin Tennant

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