THIS IS SO DEPRESSING TO ME.i saved up for almost 2 years to buy the guitar of my dreams.i recorded my last three albums with it.the most amazing guitar i ever owned.now she is gone i feel so sick about it.i feel like i lost a part of my creativity when she got stolen.i cleaned her after i played everytime i would not let anyone touch it.this guitar made me very happy.but now i dont have her anymore. and i am injered to where i dont have the money to buy the dream guitar i onced owned.it cost me over a grand.it was the best thing i ever bought for myself.now since she is no longer with me all i have are memories.i hope and pray that i will find her or at least maybe someone will find it in their heart to donate me another.i am so sad and depressed about this whole situation i am in now.in 2010 i broke my back at work.i am just now this year starting to get around somewhat.playing that guitar was the only release i had since i got hurt.it has been 2 weeks since she got ripped off out of my vehicial.i regret ever leaving that morning with her.if anyone would like to donate a esp guitar please let me know.i hate to ask but i am at my witts end.i was hoping maybe esp would help me out.you could really turn a sad depressed man into wanting to be happy and live again...thanks mad son

Czarina S.

Im so sorry to hear that.


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Travis L.

im sorry dude hopefully it comes up somewhere.