Beginners first guitar


I started playing an acoustic guitar that was given to me when my father past away. So i wanted to learn. And everyone i asked said an acoustic is the best way to learn on. I found out that isnt correct in my situation. I just bought this used but in new condition esp ltd mh 250 nt and it has been real easy to learn on. I find it is easy to get the sound quality and speed when i practice. I practice atleast 3 hours aday and 8 or so hours or until my fingers hurt on saturday. So i say for all beginners like me get you a 100 dollar line 6 15 watt amp find a good  cable for 25 dollars and a nice used esp ltd 250 and above guitar and you will find learning is so much easier and fun. Thanks for reading . practice for a couple hours doing hand and finger excersises and throw in there two cords at at a time and then just freestyle. Just play around the last part of your session. Once you have mastered a couole cords throw in two more and try some blues scales and other scales when your practicing. Stick to a routine so you can finish learning one thing at a time. That way your not all over the place and want to give up because it doesnt make sence or sound good. Also just keep playing and practicing you wil soumd good in no time. I found building up my calluses on my fingers and the strenght in my hands play a big roll in sound. Also dont strum or pic the string too hard be gentle and smooth with the strumming and get a heavy pick or hard unbendable pic it wil make a big difference .Rock on my Esp friends 


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David G.

In fact, I began with piano lessons 2 years ago. And now looking for the guitar classes online. It seems impossible to start with the basics, when theĀ official site has several points taken from the tutorials by Mike Newport. Where can I find the best tutorials with the simplest guitar tips?


Kelly Q.

Some of the tutorials for beginners are indeed very difficult for the person who sees a guitar for the first time.

Richard R.