How do i buy a guitar in the model clearance sale?


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Ryan A.

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jennifer W.

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David M.

If anyone else is reading this I am pretty sure that ESP website actually sells their own guitars now.

But if you guys are looking for other good deals and want to checkout a different market place then join Reverb.

It's an entire market place for nothing but musicians who sell their new or old gear it's pretty awesome.

Here's a link for you guys to join which also gives a small discount on any transaction over $50.


John W.

I'm ordering a guitar from ebay, I've been using ebay for a long time, I bought every kind of crap (from guitar parts, to auto parts), either myself directly or through a friend from essays online in New York, when a friend disappeared somewhere, now I buy everything myself ... there were several cases when the sellers wrote that they send only in the USA, but after a short personal correspondence, I managed to smuggle them into the UK .. So I advise you to buy it on ebay.

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