crappy fake guitars


you know we all hate it.The idea we fork over the hard earned cash for a piece of crap counterfiet.Personally i think nobody should do this and should be sent to prisin for it.Seriously who gets away with this crap.It honestly makes me sick.Why would you use these names for credibility.It doesn't give you credibility to rip people off. It makes you a big jerk.If you make your own brand and reach out to upencoming artists,you have a much better chance.Besides , major brands might buy you out and shut you down.Either way you end up rich.But hey, wich way is more honest?

Jason S.

There's been a marked increase in the number of counterfeit guitars we've been seeing at home and bathroom renovations Backstage Music in recent years.  One recent one looked pretty valid at 20 feet, but the closer it got, the more apparent it was that this Gibson Les Paul was neither a Gibson, nor a Les Paul.  

Rebecca M.

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Rebecca M.

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