Black beauty and the hammer

Black beauty and the hammer


I just wanted to quickly introduce my two beauties: my Custom ESP Explorer and my custom shop Eclipse "Mjölnir":

I bought the Explorer more than 20 years ago and to this day the instrument is still in great shape and sounds awesome. Over the time I switched the pickups from the EMG81s to the EMG JH-Set. I also installed Sperzel Locking tuners and and a new Tonepro bridge.

It was always my dream to have a guitar only built for me and the Eclipse is pretty much the fullfilling of this dream. These are the specs:

I´d like to hear what you think about my guitars!

Jimmy M.

I like this post because You have considered my best guitars in this post.

Laurine B.

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David G.

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Mojow jojow

ohhh i really like the design ! nice bro!

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