Black beauty and the hammer

Black beauty and the hammer


I just wanted to quickly introduce my two beauties: my Custom ESP Explorer and my custom shop Eclipse "Mjölnir":

I bought the Explorer more than 20 years ago and to this day the instrument is still in great shape and sounds awesome. Over the time I switched the pickups from the EMG81s to the EMG JH-Set. I also installed Sperzel Locking tuners and and a new Tonepro bridge.

It was always my dream to have a guitar only built for me and the Eclipse is pretty much the fullfilling of this dream. These are the specs:

I´d like to hear what you think about my guitars!

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Jimmy M.

I like this post because You have considered my best guitars in this post.

Laurine B.

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Mojow jojow

ohhh i really like the design ! nice bro!


I like it.  I'm especially interested in how the tone for the Mahogany/Mahogany/Rosewood set-up sounds.  I tend to stick to the Mahogany/Mahogany/Ebony similar to Hetfield's, but many of my favorite artists use the Rosewood and it seems many of my personal guitars end up with it on the Maple neck though.  The 81/60 set-up makes me even more interested as many say you can't really tell the difference when you use them or that they don't pick up the resinance.  I'm also an EC fan so that thing is right up my alley and I think mine has the 24.75 scale as well.  The hammer in it's traditional appearance really nails it home, no pun intended.  The Explorer is just a classic guitar.


After playing the 81/60 combo for a year, I recently changed the pick ups to the EGM JH-Set, like I have them in the Explorer too. They have a more clear but yet powerful sound. The old pick ups sound dull in comparison.