so, lately i've been at odd with my ec1000 deluxe. probably the smoothest guitar ive played, (more so than a tele) yet the 81/60 pickups seem so flat and unorganic. i've been at odds with getting either a tele, or gretsch. so instead, i binged and bought myself gretsch HS filtertrons in place of the emg's and bigbsy b7 vibrato. im still awaiting the pickups and bigsby to arrive but pumped to have my own semi-custom guitar without having to sacrifice the amazing playability of the ec1000.

who else has a custom made esp model and what did you do? pictures as well would be nice


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good w.

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Nicole W.
Joseph M.

Thanks for sharing

Julie S.

I'll post my pictures soon

Mojow jojow

i don't have any pictures yet but wait i will post it soon