Congrats to ESP Member Points Award Winners


Now that we've given ESP site members a while to accumulate some points, we're happy to offer our first set of rewards.

At the 25,000 Point Tier, congratulations to Arnaud, Shafquat Hossain Chowdhury, Shane, Bartosz Schroder, jt76, and Michael Trashgreen. All of them have been given six months of free online guitar lessons from Dangerous Guitar.

At the 100,000 Point Tier, congratulations to Arnaud and Shafquat. We're going to be running an ESP User Spotlight on each of them on the home page of 

If you aren't familiar with our site’s Member Points system, click here for more information. For a complete list of site activities that give you points, click here.

Again, congrats to this round of rewards winners. We’ll be continuing to offer more ways to thank all of you for being active contributors on the ESP site.

James P.

Do we know when the next points competition will be? I would love to participate on behalf of my Roseville CA tree company and Elgin roofing contractor.

James P.

Big ups to the winners. This is certainly a difficult accomplishment. I'm learning guitar so I can serenade my roll off dumpster rental employees and encourage those folks who are looking for Thousand Oaks roof repair.

James P.

Wow, big congratulations. I hope to be able to garner this amount of points at some point.

Alisha J.

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