Posting goals are a reflection of who you are on this message board. The great Respectable Members of past boards have laid out this holiday tradition to ensure we all make amazing gains each year.

Before you set your posting goals for 2014, reflect on yourself as a 2013 poster. Have you made enough posts? Have you worked your way towards RM status? Were your lulz LOL-able enough? Was your Business Serious enough? Were your Batman quote references clever enough?

Goals should be attainable and measurable. If you are a 1-post-a-week manlet, your posting goals should not be 50 posts a day. Set a goal that will help you make some solid and thick gains all year long.

So there you have it! Set a posting goal, and post it over on the message board. Your posts will be thick and tight in no time!

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Goals shouldn't remain as goals. You need to make sure that you're working your way to reach each of it.

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