ESP app???

Hey ESP! I love what your doing here on the site. It ads slots of opportunities, for us the customer and you. It would be great to check my forums and groups from a convenient app on my phone or tab. Is that a possibility in the neer future? I sure hope so!

Jessin W.

I use it all the time, sometimes just speed rounds and sometimes I try to shut off mental noise and really try to feel either which color or corner to hit and I have to say that when I actually try to shut off mental noise and ‘feel’ which corner will reveal an image my success rate is at least 30% better and sometimes I even get impressions of what the image will be. It’s not that the app works, but it helps you to hone in onto listening to your psychic intuition over your mental thoughts. IMHO

Marlon B.

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Jessin W.

Then it is the best ever update regarding ESP app, glad to see it really happening, keep us updated.

Bonnie P.

I agree, an app would be really useful to get more use out of this site.


Great to know that it has been finally realized and still working this year. Good job to the man behind it!

Jon |

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