Hey ESP Fans. Jeff K., your roving ESP reporter, here to fill you in on the continuing progress of the new ESP site. Yes, the one you're on right now.

Here in the USA, most people are getting ready for Thanksgiving, a holiday that seems to be about eating as much as possible before actually exploding. However, at ESP, our little guitar-making elves are as busy as ever. There's simply too much going on to start thinking of turkey and pumpkin pie just yet. One thing that's keeping the ESP team on our toes right now is this web site, which went live to the public on Monday 11/18. We're happy to say that within a week of the site's opening, over 3,000 people registered here as members. We want to thank each of you. Since then, we've received a ton of feedback and questions. We'll start to address some of that on an ongoing basis here on this blog.

What Are "Points"? How Can I Use Them?

This is a great question... so great, in fact, that we don't have a final answer yet. Here's what we can tell you: our new site gives registered members points for various interactions, like making a post on our forums, writing a blog entry, adding photos, and so on. We are going to be using those point accumulations to reward people who show their support in building the community here at espguitars.com. Points are also tied to certain kinds of capabilities around the site itself. Posting links on our forums, for example, requires a certain number of points (which means that spammers can't simply register with a robot and link to their yummy spam). We will be making announcements in the not-distant future about specific benefits for member points. Stay tuned.

Why Was My %*@&# Post Censored?
When we first went live with the site, there were some parameters that remained in their default mode. One of them was in our forum system, which automatically added a profanity filter. We'd done plenty of testing on the entire site of course, but I guess none of us tried dropping F-bombs while getting set up (though you'd think we would, but I digress). Anyway, once we made the decision for membership to be 18+, we removed the filter. As we’re all adults here, we hope that fellow musicians won’t get too offended by other members’ use of expressive language.

What Is “Acceptable Behavior” on the ESP Site?

This one is very easy. Treat people well. Be respectful. Don’t lob personal attacks at each other. And if you want to give criticism to us at ESP, that is fine! However, the way to do it effectively is to approach us calmly, let us know your thoughts, and we’ll be glad to respond. Hurling insults at us or at each other will most definitely not produce the results you seek. Basically, the behavior that makes people happy and content in any aspect of life, be it your job, your band, your family, will also work well here.

More Questions For Now?

Use our “General Discussion” forum, and ask away. We’ll address your current questions, and other answers will be posted here on the blog if it seems that we can address issues that many people are having. Again, many thanks for being a part of the ESP family. We worked our butts off in putting this site together, and we really do want you to enjoy it, and for it to grow into the best musician community in the world.


Thanks for posting the rules of this site.

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What is the number one problem we face when practicing? OK, there may be several problems that could occupy this spot, however one that will derail your entire plan, is practicing something wrong over and over. All this does is make you really good at playing really bad! Motor learning, or what we often refer to as muscle memory is the ability to repeat a movement to the point where it doesn’t require conscious effort. This is what helps us play songs or licks without thinking about them, our fingers just seem to know the way. The thing about muscle memory is it doesn’t discriminate. It will learn and retain bad technique just the same as it will good technique. Solicitors in London


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