Hi ESP Fans. Jeff here, with a little news that we hope you'll understand.

We've decided to limit the membership for the ESP site to people 18 years old or older. Before you start a protest rally about ESP hating youngsters, we'll tell you the simple reason why we made that decision. The fact is that we feel a responsibility to people who take the time to register and participate on our site. Since site members can meet here and interact with each other without our participation or awareness, we need to ensure that everyone using the site does so safely. While we assume that grown men and women are capable of conducting themselves online in a manner that doesn't leave them open to harrassment, we're also aware that we need to protect younger ESP fans from any possibility of negative interactions here.

We know that thousands and thousands of young guitar and bass players use ESP/LTD every day, and we are appreciative of them and their support. As always, the site itself is open to whomever wants to look at it, but to participate in conversations, use our forums, and add content, we are requiring that people be eighteen or older. It may not seem fair, but the reality is that we're trying to look out for our younger customers in this way. As soon as you turn 18, we'll welcome you to join. We thank all of you for understanding our reasoning behind this.

Kim R.

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myrtle tran

And what to do bavds, who are younger? they are also a part of the community, what the descrimination 


Oh shit, I can post now!!


Why can't I post on here

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