More passive choices...

Matt H.

Being a bass player & my favorite color is black, more Neck-thru body Ltd basses in black. Possibly a b series bass with EMGs

Rusty C.

everything should be in reindeer blue


More LTD's stocking Seymour Duncans would be nice. Also, maybe an LTD V and EX the in LTD 1000 line with and/or without Floyd Roses, reverse heastocks preferably or as an option. Or make in-line headstocks of the 7 string models rather than the 3x4 headstocks.


I'd like to see more color options for the e-II series and a ltd frx-1000 NT and/or FR version with some seymour duncans . and maybe a eclipse E-II vintage black with the option to have seymour duncans installed instead of emg's. the E-II horizon III series could also use some more color options like a nice matte color or somethin