Devin Vermulean - Thousand Below

"At age 14 I started playing guitar, mostly because my some of my friends were learning & it seemed cool at the time. What started out as a hobby for me rapidly became an obsession, & when I started exploring the genres of Alternative Rock/Metal, I found exactly what kind of music I wanted to learn to play. I spent the first few years of my life playing on a beaten up old acoustic & I loved it. But even as a young player, I knew I wanted something more aggressive. I eventually graduated to a no-name pawn shop electric, but never felt comfortable with it. I didn’t really feel like I could adequately play in a band until I got my hands on my first ESP guitar; the notorious EC-1000. Over the next 5 years of my life, I cycled through 4 various sub-models of the EC-1000, until I decided to branch out to other models, such as the LTD SCT-607B, TE-406 & SN-1000. Each guitar has brought different elements to my song-writing over the years, & played major roles in my development as a musician. Every tour I have ever been on, I’ve received various compliments on the tone, playability & appearance of my guitars; all of which is only a compliment to the reliable hardware & electronics that each instrument carries. ESP has been & continues to be my guitar of choice."



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