Signature Series James Hetfield LTD Vulture


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  • Matyi

    Since I've known ESP guitars, I never minded to say that there is another company that would be better in guitar crafting. ..Just fell in love in the models, and how enthusiasticly they making them. It's all started with their kind of Explorer shape, and god.. I fell in love with them. Then there came a year, when the Snakebyte got introduced to the world. I've never seen any beautier model before that got me that much. (nor since yet..) And then, this year.. They've got this idea, to make another great invention to extend their partnership even more, so this wonder, the Vulture was made. First I didn't really liked it. Was so similar to the general V-shape, I thought it's just another regular model with no really innovation in it. Then I gotta have a closer look on it. ..and again, and again.. IT JUST GOT MY ATTENTION, AND THEN MY HEART. So stealth.. So Modern.. So Metal. Such Great MUCH WOOOOW, and the soundsss.. *_* With the Het Set, It's just indestructible! ..and how it fits right into to its owner's hands.. just majestic!
    One day I'd like to be a proud owner of the Snakebyte and Vulture models, but especially the last one with the ESP sign on them. (Just gotta win the lottery and make the great "robbery" )
    You made a great job with this one ESP! Go on like that further more!  

  • Gisornator

    I want the ESP Model but it is not available for germans :'(

  • Kjetil (GRIM) Remen

    It is just beautiful....