Michael K.

Love my esp ESP

Tuhin Z.

I hope a MH 8 string occurs in the LTD line sometime in the future. 


Update Update Update !!! There are models that are in this page for over a decade (bands and artists who don't exist anymore or are with others brands now like cold, chimaira...) , nothing New for over a year !!! We need other pictures to make us dream again !!! 


I really wish this gallery was updated regularly.


i agree

Maximus C.

Yeah same. They do put recent custom orders on their twitter, but I’d be great if they did that here too.

scotty s.

All I want is three or four MX-220's

CJ  T.

Hopefully Gibson goes under or something happens so we can get that, I would love to have a cream/white ESP Explorer MX-220, the headstock on that particular model is perfection