Tuhin Z.

I hope a MH 8 string occurs in the LTD line sometime in the future. 


Update Update Update !!! There are models that are in this page for over a decade (bands and artists who don't exist anymore or are with others brands now like cold, chimaira...) , nothing New for over a year !!! We need other pictures to make us dream again !!! 


I really wish this gallery was updated regularly.


i agree

scotty s.

All I want is three or four MX-220's

CJ  T.

Hopefully Gibson goes under or something happens so we can get that, I would love to have a cream/white ESP Explorer MX-220, the headstock on that particular model is perfection 

Will Wartenberg

I’m excited about my M1 Custom!!!

Moon Dog

Why no custom Takamine guitars????

Denise M.

https://www.espguitars.co.jp/artist/ For the Japanese artists that use ESP.. my favorite artist is Toshiya of Dir En Grey...love his basses...also Reita of Gazette.

Denise M.

I should clarify... as a bass player...I really only look at basses...and other bass players..


Sebastiano  R.

I love the guitars number 210 and 211, I Want these guitars on the music mondial market, I Love them!

Shawn J.

It would be great if the ESP Custom shop would put a little bio along with each Custom Shop photo.

Sebastiano  R.


I love the guitars number 210 and 211, I Want these guitars on the music mondial market, I Love them!

Thayanan M.

I need the details of this guitar.

Joseph G.

Would learn to build electric guitars. ESPs are so awesome.

Jon Y.

If you think these are cool check out the Japanese custom shop gallery

music w.

Where can this be found ? Do u have a link ?

Jon Y.

I can't post links so go to espguitars[dot]co[dot]jp/ordermade/gallery/index[dot]html

Tömmy  Thümper

 One of each please. Mumble mumble.  


 how much does it cost to order a custom guitar???

Joakim E.

Daaaamn the camo Snakebyte is absolutely awesome!

Elvis  P.

If I designed a custom guitar do I get to design the body, fret inlay, headstock, ect, or do I have to go off of a preexisting guitar model?


Preston B.

Well, seeing as there's a guitar in the shape of a pizza slice...I would assume you get to design every aspect of your fiddle.

Eric S.

These guitars are awesome...I own a few custom shop guitars and they are the fastest and best out there...great job ESP

Chris Wil.

you must make good money lol you're a lucky guy

Logan K.

Can I make a custom left hand?

A good question and speaking as a leftie it would be great if the answer is "Yes!"


Yes you can. On the custom form it'll give you an option and just pick 'Left Handed'


I wish I could Buy them ALL !

Alan Salvo

Me too :'c

Trevor H.

Would love to have my own custom shop lefty bass. One day, one day