Lockdown Rockdown Winners

ESP Lockdown Rockdown Contest Winner’s Circle

Congratulations to our winners and other finalists!

The ESP Lockdown Rockdown is done, and we have winners to announce! To remind you: the moment that most areas of the world went into a lockdown due to the pandemic, all of us at ESP put our heads together to come up with a fun way that musicians could spend some time rocking and show off their shred skills… and you did not disappoint! We were completely blown away by the level of musicianship of the hundreds of entries we received, and so was our judge... ESP player Alex Skolnick of Testament. It was mentioned around ESP that our 50th-place submission could have won contests elsewhere. But this is ESP, and we have high standards to live up to.

Grand Prize Winner: Simon Eichinger

Simon will be getting his choice of any of our “New for 2020” LTD guitar models, or one of the LTD Alex Skolnick Signature Series guitars. His entry submission was amazing, and all of us at ESP along with Alex were impressed by his soloing.

Second Place Winner: Pavel Popov

Pavel also did an incredible job shredding over the Alex Skonick backing track, and he gets $100 USD worth of ESP clothing/accessory merchandise.

Third Place Winner: Dmitriy Proshin

For his outstanding shred submission, Dmitriy will receive $50 USD worth of ESP clothing/accessory merchandise.

Here’s the rest of our Top Ten submissions!

Tim Barnard

Alexandre Fernandez

Martín Goncálvez

Terry Goss

Jesse LaCharite

Roman Naumchuk

Diego Quintero

Honorable Mention List

We got so many excellent entries to the Lockdown Rockdown, we wanted to also give some recognition to the following players in addition to the finalists who ranked very highly in our judges’ opinions.

  • Jamal Aggoun
  • Eric Baulenas
  • James Bell
  • Jake Blaze
  • Sergei Chistyakov
  • Mike Delmore
  • Dimitar Hristov
  • Adam Kerr
  • Riku Liikkanen
  • Tomislav Lizatovic
  • Emmanuel Lopez
  • Arnold Marfoglia
  • Alex Meister
  • Sami Mikkonen
  • Dustin Mitchell
  • Reza Moosavi
  • Mando Padilla
  • Alex Prol
  • Jesus Rivero
  • Justin Schulze
  • Jason Sebek
  • Will Smythe
  • Benjamin Vidal

Thanks for Playing!

We want to thank every one of you who entered, and give you all a reminder that there will be more chances to win cool prizes coming soon from ESP.