E-II Series

A Closer Look at the ESP E-II Series

At the beginning of this year, we introduced a new series of guitars in the USA under the ESP brand called ESP E-II. It’s understandable that people would have questions about this seemingly new series of instruments. We’re here to tell you all you ever wanted to know about E-II.

The New ESP Standard!

Until the end 2013, we had two levels of ESP Guitars: ESP Custom Shop, and ESP Standard. Those ESP Standard guitars were built in our Tokyo, Japan manufacturing facility, and the majority of the ESP models you’ve seen around the world for the past 39 years are ESP Standards. ESP E-II is simply a new name for that same series of guitars and basses. Just as it’s always been, all E-II models are made in Japan at our ESP-owned factory as our ESP Standard guitars and basses were. Same factory, same people, new name. That’s all.

ESP Custom Shop, ESP Original, and ESP E-II: What’s the Difference?

This one is even more simple. Our ESP Custom Shop and ESP Original instruments are both built by hand in ESP’s renowned custom shop. ESP E-II models are produced at ESP’s factory in Tokyo, which allows us to offer them to you at lower prices than the hand-crafted guitars and basses from our custom shop. Easy, huh?

E-II Guitars

We currently offer nine different series of E-II guitar models encompassing 43 models and finishes, mostly in body shapes and styles that should be familiar to any ESP fan. They are the Eclipse, FRX, Horizon, Horizon-III, M, Mystique, ST, TE, and Vintage Series. The styling and design aspects of each series allow guitarists of every genre from metal to jazz, pop to punk, to find a professional-quality guitar that suits their personal style, at a price that’s still very reasonable for a high-end instrument.

E-II Basses

ESP is offering four series of E-II basses: AP, J, Stream, and Vintage Series. Much like the E-II guitar models, E-II basses are designed for the serious player, and cover different looks and sounds to satisfy the needs of a variety of bassists. In the case of the AP and Stream series, these E-II models represent new looks that were previously unavailable from ESP in the United States and many other areas. We’re happy to offer bass players this expanded selection of excellent instruments.

Signature E-II Models

ESP is well known for our artist Signature Series models, and we’re happy to offer some of them in E-II versions, including the Elias Viljanen EV-7, the Jesse Liu JL-7, and the Doris Yeh DY-5 bass. You will be seeing more E-II artist signature guitars and basses in coming years.

Try an E-II Today

Many ESP dealers have ESP E-II models available in their stores. Check here to find your local ESP dealer, and contact them to see if they have your favorite E-II guitar or bass available for you to try. Play one, and you’ll see why the E-II Series is gaining a reputation for world-class, professional-quality instruments!